Innovative, well-designed products strengthen your business and can bring positive change to the world we live in. We love to partner with companies to create amazing, high-quality products that benefit both them and their customers. Working closely with our clients, we produce solutions that fit their company profile and brand.

While we love to work through the entire product development process – from ideation to product launch – we can also help by stepping in and supporting your progress any step along the way.



Our Services

Product Development

Developing and launching products can be tremendous undertaking. We can help you devise strategies to shape your product definition and a commercialization plan that fits your company to ensure the best chance for successful products in the marketplace.

Industrial Design

Refined aesthetics that communicate your brand message to your target audience come through rigorous form development. Through sketching and model making, we explore shapes, materials and textures to give your product a great look. 


By applying the laws of physics and knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, we engineer the details of how the product will function and be constructed. Using CAD modeling and rapid prototyping, products can be quickly, yet thoroughly designed and prepared for production.


Our Core Competencies

Product Design  Develop  product concepts that meet functional, aesthetic and branding requirements. We utilize modern design skills and technologies to generate and refine concepts through an iterative process of making and testing until we produce outstanding solutions.

User-Centered Research Know your customer. We can perform ethnographic research, focus groups, and interviews to help you better understand your customer and unearth their unmet needs and wants. This research can produce insight into customer’s desires and provide guidelines for the product requirements.

CAD Modeling & Rendering – We use sophisticated 3D CAD software to perform FEA simulations and work out the details of the product assembly. We can also generate photo-realistic renderings that help visualize the end product before it is physically created.

Electrical & Mechanical Development – Many products today require a seamless integration of complex mechanical and electrical systems. Our team has the technical know-how and skills required to integrate electronics into the physical product. We validate our designs through prototyping to ensure that the product functions properly.

Prototyping – Good product development doesn’t just happen on paper. Prototyping can be used to think-through, test and experiment, demonstrate and validate designs. We blend traditional hand-craft with modern digital fabrication technologies to produce cost-effective prototypes.

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly – We know that in the end, a product must be mass-produced. As we are developing product concepts, we keep in-mind the manufacturability of the product. Before we send the product plans to the manufactures, we preform a DFMA analysis on the product to optimize the production costs.




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