It’s important to stay up-to-date with the industries you work in. Tradeshows and conferences are great ways to do this. They foster networking with colleagues and potential partners and provide current information with the state of the industry. Valuable information and insight can come from attending these events.

Here are a few events that our team finds useful:

IDSA Conferences – IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) is dedicated to advancing the profession by providing practitioners resources to develop their skills as well as to serve as an advocate to the greater population to understand the value of Industrial Design.

IMTS Trade Shows – International Manufacturing Technology Show brings together manufactures from around the world to demonstrate their capabilities and the newest technologies they are developing. With this information, designers can stay up-to-date with manufacturing knowledge allowing them design parts in new and creative ways.

Design2Part Trade Shows – These regional trade shows are held frequently to provide touch-points with manufacturers. It is a great way to work with manufacturers to solve challenges and find the right company and process to produce a part.

NPE Plastics Trade Shows – Love them or hate them, plastics are everywhere and often find their way into product design. They are very useful and perform amazingly well when properly utilized, but when poorly understood, plastic components can be the failing of a product. The NPE shows are dedicated to the plastics industry to demonstrate latest in plastics chemistry and manufacturing. These shows provide a great resource of learning about plastics and how to utilize them properly into product design.

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