Our Core Competencies


Concept Development

The early phases of the design process aims to understand the product's purpose and context and then transitions into defining target specifications and generating a diversity of potential solutions. We utilize modern design methods and technologies to create and refine concepts through an iterative process of making and testing until we produce outstanding solutions. The outcome is quality product concepts that meet functional and aesthetic goals. 


CAD Modeling & Photorealistic Renderings

We use sophisticated 3D CAD software to refine part geometry and explore materials, colors and textures. We can generate photo-realistic renderings that help stakeholders visualize the product and using digital fabrication technologies we can quickly build prototypes to evaluate user-interaction, ergonomics, aesthetics and product architecture to acquire valuable feedback early in the development process. 


Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Many products today require a seamless integration of complex mechanical and electrical systems. Our team has the technical know-how and skills required to integrate electronics into the physical product. We validate our designs through both physical and digital prototyping, performing simulations and analysis to work through the details of the product design and assembly, ensuring that the product meets target specifications and functions properly.  


Design for Manufacturing & Assembly

Developing a product is a serious financial investment. We know that achieve financial viability, a product must be produced at an affordable price-point while preserving the design intent through to the final product. To help ensure this, we keep in-mind the manufacturability and assembly of the product throughout the development process and apply Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) methodologies to minimize the production costs. 


Design for Environment

As designers of physical objects, we recognize our responsibility as stewards of Planet Earth. We consciously apply Design for Environment (DFE) methodologies in our product development efforts to minimize the environmental footprint. We strive to achieve environmentally sustainable products by using resources efficiently, specifying non-toxic and sustainable materials and by thoroughly considering the product's life-cycle. 

Some of Our Tools